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Harrisburg Property Management Group offers rental property investment consulting services to landlords in Harrisburg and surrounding areas, as part of our full-service property management. We serve as a consultant for investing in rental properties to help landlords get optimum value from their real estate investment. Our clients have enjoyed the value we add in the form of research, property management, valuation, analysis, marketing and advisory services.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose HPM as your Harrisburg rental property investment consultant.

Property Investment Analysis

We have the expertise to help you know whether the new rental property you want to buy and renovate will be viable.

First, we discuss your objectives for your property investment. Then, we prepare the necessary research tools. Next, we set a schedule to carry out and provide a feedback report on our findings.

We perform site visits in Harrisburg and its surrounding communities. We also compile and analyze data on trends in the real estate market in the neighborhood where the property is located. Then we give you professional, data-supported advice concerning the viability of your investment.

Marketing of Multifamily or Condo Properties

Effective marketing and branding can improve the income and revenue derived from any rental property. Let our marketing department help you create unique brands for your investment properties. We’ll develop your concept for you or provide ideas you can adopt. Our marketing professionals know how to create a brand image that naturally attracts and retains good tenants.

Presale Restoration of Rental Property

If you intend to put up a rental property for sale, it’ll attract higher bids when it’s in well-maintained condition. With this in mind, we help you organize the most beneficial renovations for the property you’re planning to sell. Our team of property maintenance experts evaluates the cost of providing the most needed repairs and restorations. We also tell you the key selling points you need to focus on when you’re selling a rental property for maximum returns.

Effective Negotiation of Tax Assessment

Annually, all landlords and property investors must pay taxes based on the property evaluations performed by government officials. These assessments may not be congruent with current market value.

We have the experience and expertise to analyze your current tax assessment. When necessary, we can either help you challenge and negotiate the valuation, or connect you with the proper counsel to do so. Effective tax assessment valuation can save you thousands of dollars annually. That's why we help landlords save on taxes and enjoy more returns on their property investment.

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These some of the main rental property consulting services we offer at Harrisburg Property Management Group. For more details on how we can help you manage your property while you relax and enjoy optimal returns on your investment, give us a call today.

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