Tenant Screening in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Hershey

Your rental property return thrives on occupancy. If you can keep your properties full of tenants, your income will flow in nicely. But more than you want tenants, you want the right tenants. 

As a property owner, your first impulse is to make sure your property is always full. After all, a full property means your income is assured. But there’s more to filling a property and assuring income than just finding tenants.

At Harrisburg Property Management Group, we have extensive experience as a rental tenant screening company for landlords in in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Hershey and beyond. We use our industry experience and knowledge to help keep your properties filled with quality, dependable tenants — the type who will pay their rent on time and who take pride in keeping their units well maintained. When you choose Harrisburg Property Management Group as your property management company, you get tenant screening services as part of your comprehensive management services, which allows you to relax and enjoy your investment returns.

To learn more about our tenant screening process, read some our articles in the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Why Choose a Property Manager?

You own a property because you want the returns, not because you enjoy providing maintenance in the middle of the night or running background checks on prospective tenants. When you choose Harrisburg Property  Management Group for renter background checks in Hershey, Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg, you get comprehensive support that anticipates and takes care of all your property and tenant needs. 

Comprehensive Management Services in and Around Harrisburg

Not only can we provide renter background checks in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Hershey, but we can also help with accounting, lease preparation, maintenance and emergency repairs, and tenant eviction. So much goes into running a rental property smoothly and making sure your property is full, your tenants are happy and your cash flow is ensured. 

Don’t let your property management become a stressful part of your life. Instead, let Harrisburg Property Management Group serve as your rental tenant screening company in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and Hershey, while providing comprehensive support in all of the other areas related to management of your property.

Secure Harrisburg Property Management Group as Your Manager

There’s nothing quite like having a trusted advisor on your side. At Harrisburg Property Management Group, we use our experience and knowledge of the Central PA real estate market to serve as your trusted advisor. We take care of all the accounting, leasing, tenant evictions and emergency maintenance that comes up inevitably, and we take care of these issues quickly, dependably and affordably. We worry about your existing properties so you can worry about expanding your portfolio or taking on other projects of interest.

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