"HPMG has been a Godsend for me. They transitioned my rental portfolio under their Management wings quickly and seamlessly. They are very approachable, super responsive and incredibly knowledgeable. I feel a sense of renewed confidence as an owner and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership!"

- R. Douglas Dale

"HPMG has an excellent team. They have all the key factors (knowledge, customer service, communication and resources) that are needed to provide the best services in town. HPMG has managed my and my partners properties for the last 4+ years. They have provided us with excellent guidance and have managed our properties really well. I have no reservations in recommending them."

- Raj Bindu

"I owned a rental property that, prior to using HPMG, had some good tenants, some bad, but I was never serviced as well as Ryan and his colleagues. I also had a rehab done through HPMG and Gregg lead the construction team in doing quality work. I wish I had used HPMG from the start. A first class property management company! I highly recommend them."

- fmagnum3

"HPM has been great to work with! They took over multiple properties of mine and made the transition seamless. Their communication and service are second to none. I would highly recommend them"

- Chris Frey

"Harrisburg Property Management is an exceptional organization. I use to manage properties myself and profitability has improved with HPMG managing. They do a great job of placing tenants. And their system of inspections keeps maintenance issues from accumulating and turning into bigger issues. This keeps the tenants and me happy. And the tenants stay longer, because their concerns/issues are dealt with."

- Bob Aungst

"Best company to deal with! As a landlord I was so happy to deal with this company. They treated both, me and the tenant, with all respect. They worry about the tenant just like they do with the Landlord. Fair and professional. Thank you for you business."

- Asi A.

Day to day management of rental properties can be challenging. HPMG takes the headache out of rental investments by professionally overseeing my houses as if they were their own while also treating my tenants with respect. HPMG is a key resource that allows me to maximize my real estate investment portfolio.

Jeff (Yardley, PA)

HPMG has been professional and thorough in their management of our property. We highly recommend them.

Mark (Allentown, PA)

My experience with the professional staff at HPMG has been one of complete satisfaction. I am very pleased with the service I receive and the care that is taken of my investment.

Paul (Linglestown, PA)

Harrisburg Property Management Group has been handling two rental properties that I own for the past two years.  Just last month, my tenant's lease was up at the end of May.  Within a 3 week time period,  HPMG has corrected repairs on a timely basis and a new tenant is prepared to move in a week before my anticipated time of June 1st.   Months of lost rental income was alleviated before I had the chance to even be concerned.  I would recommend HPMG to anyone anticipating rental properties in the Harrisburg area.

Patricia (New York)

I depend on HPMG and they deliver...

David (Camp Hill, PA)

My experience with HPMG is great. Very organized, timely and the team communicates very well. All matters and issues are attended promptly with great satisfaction. I will recommend HPMG anytime.

Mario (Harrisburg, PA)

With a portfolio of more than ten rental properties, HPMG has taken most, if not all, of the day to day hassle of property management off my shoulders.  I am thankful for their prompt service, sage advice, and very fair treatment.

NTY Properties (Mechanicsburg, PA)

My wife and I have two homes managed by HPMG and it has been nothing short of impressive. HPMG takes care of everything except for cashing my checks, that my job. They even take care of preventive maintenance so my investment will continue producing cash flow. We are getting ready to purchase our third home and we are very confident and excited to let HPMG manage it for us.

Ed (Philadelphia, PA)

I along with my wife are extremely satisfied with the service received from Harrisburg Property Management. The staff have been very nice and professional responding to all of our questions. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in renting.

Fred (Harrisburg, PA)

HPMG has been very understanding and helpful during my "initiation" into the property rental world.  They have been great at answering my rookie questions.  They have also been on top of the maintenance and legal issues associated with my properties.  I am much more comfortable knowing that I have someone to look after and take care of issues that inevitably pop up with rental properties.

Bryan (Pequea, PA)

After trying to rent our place for months HPMG found a reliable renter for us within a month.  So glad that they contacted us since we live in another state and it gives us a peace of mind if there are any problems with our property.

Rosella (North Carolina)

As out of state owners, we appreciate the professionalism and response time with which HPMG handles our property related issues. They are efficient and most importantly their quality screening of applicants makes all the difference in the world in minimizing the stress that goes along with owning/managing rental property.

Tony (California)

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