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Most property owners are looking for an investment, not a side job as a property manager. For that reason, many investors seek out quality property management groups that can help them affordably manage properties while maximizing the return on investment. 

But property management companies come in all shapes and sizes — and with all kinds of different fees. 

How do you navigate these choices and find the best possible property manager to fit your needs? Here’s a look at how property management rates in Harrisburg are typically calculated, as well as other considerations that are far more important than shopping on just price alone.

How Rates Are Calculated

How much does property management cost? It varies depending on the company you work with, but at Harrisburg Property Management Group, we calculate our management rates as a percentage of the cost of rent for the apartment, house or other property receiving service. This is a simple and natural way to calculate a management fee. 

As you shop around for the right management group, you may find that different groups offer different percentages — some much higher than others and some much lower. But it’s important to dig into those numbers to find out what exactly the management company is offering before settling for the lowest bid. 

Value Trumps Everything

When you’re shopping for a property manager, it’s like hiring a new employee for your team. With that in mind, you’ll want to ask relevant, insightful, pointed questions that allow you to make the best possible decision. Here’s a look at a few broad questions you could start with:

  • Are they experienced? Better yet — are they experienced locally? Real estate is truly a local business, and it's important for your property manager to know the area in which it's operating. This can give you an advantage in everything from leasing to maintenance to tenant customer service.
  • Are they comprehensive? Does your property manager do it all, from leasing, to maintenance to evictions and more? You don’t want to hire a manager only find that you’re spending the bulk of your time doing everything they choose not to do as part of their management agreement.
  • Do they have a strong track record? Good managers should be able to provide references, preferably local references, that describe how they've helped other property owners. Beware of the management group that struggles to talk about its past successes or that balks at providing references.
  • Can they handle tough situations? Managing a property is tough. Tenants aren’t always happy, and evictions can be difficult situations that require expert knowledge. Make sure your property manager is prepared to handle these tough situations and has examples on hand to prove it.
  • Are they available? You want to be able to get in touch with your property manager when you need to, and you want the same for your tenants. Don’t choose a property manager that’s tough to get a hold of.
There are many other questions you’ll want to ask before making a decision, but these five should be enough to get the ball rolling.

Harrisburg Property Management Group

At Harrisburg Property Management Group, we can be your trusted, comprehensive property management solution. We can walk you through property management rates and property management fees in Harrisburg, PA. We can point to a track record of results, and we can get the job done in a way that provides value for your investment.

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