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A rental property or preventative maintenance inspection help you monitor the condition of your property before, during and after a tenant occupies it. It's one of the best ways to track changes or damages, plan for appropriate repairs, or if needed identify and make immediately needed repairs.

Harrisburg Property Management Group offers preventative maintenance property inspection services as part of a full suite of property management services, helping you to review the condition of the property every six months throughout a tenant’s lease if desired. Our service complies with all the rental property inspection laws in Harrisburg, PA, and its surrounding areas.

At the beginning of a lease, we help you set an expectation regarding the condition the property must be in when the tenant leaves. A pre-move-in inspection also has benefits for renters because it reveals the repairs that must be carried out before your tenant moves into the home.

Just before you contact us to help you conduct a walkthrough for your property, have a look at the reasons why our clients consistently recommend our landlord inspection service and what to expect from us.

Detailed Move-in Inspection

This kind of inspection must be conducted by you or on your behalf along with the tenant as part of the move-in process.

The move-in inspections we perform will help you:

  • Get a comprehensive list of all damage to or repairs needed on the property pre-move-in.
  • If required, take photographs of all parts of the property and ask the tenant to sign them.
  • Ask the tenant to sign the inspection report and agree to maintain the home and return it to the state it was in during the move-in inspection.

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Routine Property Inspection

It’s quite important to inspect your property periodically to ensure it’s in good condition or identify and remedy deficiencies. We can do this every every six months through our preventative maintenance inspection program. We can help you easily track & manage all maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Routine inspections will:

  • Inspect the property for immediate safety, liability, habitability, and other issues not reported by the tenant
  • Coordinate with the tenant to correct any damages they caused before they get worse and become more expensive to rectify.
  • Give an update on all repairs required to keep your part of the tenancy agreement.
  • Help you to comply with all rental and building codes.
  • Provide a detailed report that includes photos of deficiencies and all common rooms including living, kitchen, dining, etc…

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Comprehensive Move-out Inspection

It’s extremely important to know the true condition of the home when your tenant moves out. We’ll conduct a detailed walkthrough with our experienced inspectors once the tenant vacates the property or apartment. This allows us to see the property once the tenant has removed their belongings and has presented keys to us indicating they plan no additional improvements to condition. Effective move-out inspections enable you to:

  • See any damages caused by the tenant during their stay or while moving out
  • Document any repairs that need to be done by the tenant
  • Deduct the cost of these repairs from the security deposit before returning the balance to the tenant.

Compliance with Property Inspection Laws

At Harrisburg Property Management Group, we ensure that all inspections protect your legal rights and those of your tenant. We know all the laws that govern inspections, and we adhere strictly to them. This ensures you have low tenant turnover. To do this:

  • We give the tenant notice and ensure they’re at home to witness the inspection.
  • Tenants sign the rental property inspection form and agree to fix any damages before the end of the lease period.
  • We always secure the cooperation of tenants by explaining the benefits of the inspection to them.
  • The inspection proceeds without any verbal confrontation with the tenant.
  • All issues to be resolved are handled in writing.
  • The inspection usually ends in a win-win situation for both tenants and clients.

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Routine property inspections are key to keeping your rental home in good condition. Give us a call today or fill out our property information form, and let us provide the best property management service you can get in Harrisburg, PA.

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