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If you’re a landlord or you’re planning to invest in a rental property, you may be searching for reputable property management and marketing companies in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Hershey. Working with a rental property marketing company can help you attract and keep the best tenants.

At Harrisburg Property Management Group, we offer top-notch rental property marketing services in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Hersey. We have extensive knowledge of these areas, and we’ve managed thousands of housing units within the last few years.

Our marketing service, which is part of our full-service property management, will help you do the following.

Find the Best Target Market for Your Property

Our extensive knowledge of the property market in Harrisburg makes it possible for us to know the demographics and the kind of tenant that’ll be ideal for any property you own or are planning to buy.

We help you select your target market based on:

  • The location and neighborhood of your property
  • The availability of other rental properties in the same neighborhood, their rent levels and the types of tenants living in them
  • The state of the amenities in the building, the quality of fittings, appliances and overall appearance of the accommodation
  • The cost of maintenance for the property and other fees and taxes you’ll incur

Use Key Selling Points to Attract the Best Tenants

We know what most of the tenants in Harrisburg want, and we can help you deliver the quality of service that’ll attract the best tenants to your property.

Further, we can help you classify tenants and show them the most important aspects of the property. We can also show your prospective tenants how features such as parking space, security, quality of fittings and furnishing, or proximity to schools and public transport can enhance their well-being.

Create a Brand for Your Property

When you want to attract good tenants to a condo or multifamily property, branding helps boost perceived value. If the property can deliver what the brand promises, marketing with branding helps increase the overall value and brings in more revenue.

We can help you develop your brand concept with images, logos and a unique selling proposition. You can also provide your own brand ideas, and our marketing professionals will develop them, turning them into powerful marketing tools. Our marketing department will also help you promote your brand and implement a smart marketing strategy to attract qualified tenants.

Choose the Best Channels for Advertisement

We know the best channels to market properties in Harrisburg. In addition to popular online channels and property sites like Zillow, Trulia and others, we also have our proprietary methods of reaching out to qualified tenants.

We use both online and offline marketing channels to capture leads quickly. We also monitor the advertising campaign and focus on the most effective channels after receiving regular feedback.

Manage Your Marketing Campaign

During the advertising campaign for your rental property, we follow up on the leads and prospects we get from your advertisements.

We arrange phone interviews and face-to-face meetings where necessary. We also ensure that qualified tenants get all the details they request and have their questions answered promptly. In the end, we save you the time and effort required to manage an effective marketing campaign for your property.

Trust Harrisburg Property Management Today

We can help you effectively market your rental property. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or tell us more about your property on our contact page. We’re eagerly waiting to help you get the best returns on your property investment.

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